Sunday, April 21, 2013

East Coast Park

East Coast Park aka ECP is really a beautiful place. Every week I would make myself visit ECP at least once. That's because I do stay quite nearby and it is a happy place. It is a place where you see people coming together to enjoy and spend the evening together. Some go for runs, some bbq or some even camp by the beach.

I always see couples pitching tents and enjoying the night together. Avid fisherman also do occupy the jetties. Parents take this opportunity to teach their kids a little bit on the environment or to instil in them some values through cycling or fishing.

I often notice father and son bonding sessions over short jogs and fishing trips where most of the time they would go home empty handed by their hearts united. I will be penning down more things about ECP. In the mean time, if some people are lacking of ideas where to go, ECP is a better alternative than sentosa. There is definitely a more local feel in the air over here :)

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