Monday, December 3, 2012

Victim of Kindness

Today I was a victim of kindness.

1) It all started when I withdrew 150 dollars, 3 fifty dollar notes, to pay the dentist. My scaling and teeth polishing costed my 110 bucks and I paid it soon after i withdrew my cash because they didn't accept nets/credit card. Excited with my new set of cleaned teeth, I went to the library to get some work done. Little did I know that I actually overpaid the dentist by 50 bucks as I remembered only giving them 2 notes of fifty and a ten dollar note. So I called up the clinic and thankfully they were wondering where did the extra 50 bucks came from :D I hurried back to the clinic, almost 5pm, and we thankful that they waited for me before closing the clinic.

2) Headed back to my room to get ready but it was raining heavily. Thankful for this kind man who offered to share his umbrella with me as I was just about to dash off to cross the street. It went like this ," Sir, do you want to share my umbrella? " with a sincere smile. I thanked him for his kindness and that made my day :)

3) This happened in the past few days when I was back in KL. Knowing that I would be gone for 5 days, I intentionally left my pot of chillies in front of my room to hopefully get some water from the rain as I will not be around to water them. Thankfully for a kind neighbour and a mere acquaintance I met in summer, he helped me water my chillies while I was gone :)

Simple joys in life. My 6th seedling growing :D 

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Dad said...

Likewise, go do a RAK - Random Act of Kindness to someone.... like offer a drink to your dorm's cleaner ladies,