Thursday, December 27, 2012

December updates

Things seem to always slow down towards the end of the year. I'm glad that I had this opportunity to spend most of my December with my loved ones. Just some thoughts running through my mind,

1) I never knew how much I missed home.
Despite my trickling shower head at home and the ever out of shaped pillows and bolster of my bed, I'm always reminded how blessed I am when I'm home. Mum always never fails to prepare a cup of Milo despite her being so busy in the morning. Dad's more than willing to drive me around and get the car/bike in good condition for me to use. Marck is still my personal maid at home. I'll always pretend to be lazy to buy lunch and he'll do the running for me. Sparky whereas always welcomes me when I'm back.

2) I've been eating too healthily in Singapore.
Back in Singapore I only eat 3 meals, back home I'm the king. Mum always contradicts herself. On good days she buys my favourite food for me, on other days she goes on an extreme nutritious diet.

More home cooked food please!

Till then, whee!

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