Monday, July 11, 2011

Warehouse Sale

For 3 consecutive weekends, I have been shifting things be it for myself or for my friends. I've a whole load of things to get rid off and if anyone wants it just drop me a message.

Items for sale
1) Bar fridge
2) Vacuum cleaner
3) Printer
4) Books, loads of text books ranging from economics to engineering

Of course, don't call me to help me shift your things anymore. I think my back will break already and I can even graduate with a minor in logistics management.


cty said...

If you don't want the bar fridge, u can give me or pass to koko. He may need it at his little pen.

ChongX said...

It is koko's bar fridge. yea you can take it back to KL if you want it!

Zi Ying said...

I want a PDF file of the whole economics textbook please! Lols