Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend getaway

Most of my friends here are often baffled about my background. Yes, I speak English at home and I can barely carry out a fluent 10 minute conversation in Mandarin, Cantonese or Hokkien. Oh yes, I am trying very hard to improve my mandarin as well as Cantonese and Hokkien but often it goes back to square one.

Next week will be a hectic one for me. Hectic travelling wise not work wise. haha! Will be heading to Helsinki for a little CNY makan then Kaunas and Germany. I need to travel less and remind myself about the whole purpose of coming to Europe.*ponders* Ah, yes to try to visit all my friends while i'm here which also means visiting many many countries :D So dad & mum i'm not travelling,i'm paying my friends a visit! *hint hint cough cough*

And yes, I really miss my legendary friends in Singapore and Malaysia :(

Pretty snowflakes taken with my crappy handphone camera

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