Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blissful Bremen

Bremen is a nice town. I really wonder if other cities in Germany are as friendly as Bremen. The locals here gives me a very warm gesture every time I try to take a photo of the simplest things. I could recall sitting down at the bakery and wanting to take a photo of my butterkuchen but everyone stared and smiled at me. They even mumbled something in German and even offered to take a photo.

I won't say they don't speak English but I guess they are shy to speak because they are not so good at it. It's also my first time staying in a hostel which kinda makes me want to open a hostel or pursue my farming dream xD

It was also encouraging to meet fellow male teachers from th
e US and Germany. Met both of them at the Beck's brewery and they were actually on a teacher exchange programme. haha! We had a great time exchanging educational views and Singapore has still so much to learn.

Now, time to hit the books, exam is next week and I still feel no stress :D

Ps: Mind the retarded Asians in Germany (:

Only after a day we found out this was the real statue :p

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