Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Travel Tales

You won't believe how lucky i am every time i go on a travel trip in Europe.

Yesterday, as I was about to head off from my room to catch the bus to Helsinki, something disastrous happened. My bag zip gave way as I was just about to wrap up my luggage. Thankfully my friend was awake and offered to borrow his bag pack to me for a week.

Hence Lesson 1,
Get a good bag for travelling. Also if possible try not to be kiasu and squeeze everything into the bag. Haha yes, I tried to test the limits of the bag and it gave way at a very bad timing!

Also, don't switch off your handphones during flights. This was because I obediently followed the instructions and now i'm left without a phone. In Finland, all sim cards has a pin code and I left the 4 digit number in my room. -.-

Thankfully again,my friends managed to find me at the airport and now i'm safe at home (for the next 6 days) yipee! (;

Ps;Pictures will be uploaded later!

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