Saturday, December 28, 2013

Passion Card and Nuffnang Cheque

Yesterday was my first time redeeming my passion card points! Well, I must admit I was too bored over the holidays when I decided to sign up for it as I often shop at Giant.

E complains that I tend to spend more with the reward point system or even at times force her to shop at the Giant near her place instead of her usual local grocery :D

Guess what also I received in my mailbox,

 Some random coffee bean voucher which I had no idea how I signed up for. Probably some link I registered some time back. Redeemed it at Vivo but the mango juice tasted like coffee @.@

My second Nuffnang cheque. Don't even know how I get paid so much for such an ineffective blog! Oh well, sashimi here I come :)

Should I post my skydiving pictures up? Haha, I look terrified FYI

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