Saturday, May 18, 2013

Expectation vs Reality

Yesterday I went to the saloon to get a haircut. E told me to try something different as I will not be going back to school for the next few weeks. Well i tried to be adventurous and google some hairstyles before it was my turn.

I finally decided on this new hairstyle which I wanted.

Wanted to look like david beckham, wait who doesn't want right? It was more of a way to honour his retirement from soccer *cough*

Okay back to the story, so I showed the hairstylist this picture and he sniggered at me asking if I really wanted to pull off this look. 

If you noticed most of my post were on haircuts and im sure you know what's the outcome even before I told you so. 

Yup, it turned out quite bad. It did not resemble any sense of david beckham's hairstyle. @.@ 

Expectations vs Reality really sometimes do suck  :D 

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