Monday, May 13, 2013

Edamame - healthy snack

I have developed a new liking for japanese peas recently. There are called Edamame. Before this I used to tell e that someone would be stupid enough to order a plate of edamame from our favourite jap stall. Turns out that after ordering a plate of edamame, I got quite hooked to it myself. 

If you are wondering how it looks like, 

It is a very healthy snack to eat at night. In case you are wondering where I got these from, I bought them from Giant. Go over to the japanese section and look for the freezers. They should be in there. Plus they are cheaper, only $2.80 bucks for 400g.

Yum, I'm going to spend my nights snacking on them. Remember to add some salt to the water when you boil them!

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