Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Graduation looms around the corner as i muster all my efforts to overcome my final paper next Wednesday. Yet, i'm so reluctant to open my notes as there's this huge cloud of fear in my mind.

We fear not because of failure but because it's the first step to the working world,

Fear because we look forward to the weekends and dread Mondays,

Fear because we update our status on Facebook and twitter about work rants,

Fear because we won't be able to take time to stop and smell the roses,

Fear because we look forward for our pay day to finally treat ourselves to something nice for our 'hardwork'

Fear because we only need that 6-7 hours of sleep everyday

Fear because we have to set aside for our housing loans and debts

Fear because we need to pre-book our vacation getaways

Fear because we only have that hour of lunch break.

Fear because we need to constantly impress our bosses to be in their 'good books'

"After all, there are thousands and thousands of people out there living lives of quiet, screaming desperation who work long, hard hours, at jobs they hate, to enable them to buy the things they don't need to impress people they don't like " Nigel Martin.

Ask ourselves today, is it necessary to work like a slave to live like a millionaire?

Boy who said graduation was a joyous ceremony? (:

Ps: will appreciate comments on graduation, working life, and other random things ;)


Anonymous said...

Its definately a joyous occasion for all proud parents, I believe, b'cos our burden is now lifted. You can now start earning your penny, paying your loans and other miscellaneous bills.
Looking at the bright side, working life is not all bad. It can be fun, enjoyable and rewarding. You may find some good soul who are kind and friendly to share their experiences or knowledge with you.
On the other side, it can be a "dog eat dog world" People can be selfish, loud, bossy and other negative adjectives that you can find in our vocabulary to describe that person turned "monster"
Well, its a long and narrow journey that we all have to go through BUT with the help of His Word which is life and healing to our flesh, we can overcome obstacles.
- The roots of stability come from being grounded in God's word and prayer - Quoted from RBC Daily Bread.

love you alwys
Proud mum

ChongX said...

thanks mum. love you always too