Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Silent Generation

My four years in the library has definitely taught me to appreciate the silent generation more. The next few posts will be occasions and conversations which i'll try to recall over the past years. Probably won't mean much to people but i sure did gained a lot from it.

On the side note, today i a chance to talk to a bangladeshi worker regarding some worms. Trust me it was tough.

Me: Hello Krabic? Do you sell the Can-O-Worms?

Krabic: Hi. I, I no sell. Call boss.

Me: Okay. Can you tell me your boss number?

Krabic: Now night. No work, call tomorrow.

Me: Ah, can call now? I need it urgently.

Krabic: ok ok.

I knew he understood what i was saying but he tried his best to answer me. It struck me that I was probably like him if i did converse in chinese.

After i texted him to pass me his boss' contact and this was his reply.

Hi, 8XXXXXXXX. this can countuc. 

We are truly blessed.

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Anonymous said...

We are truly blessed! We can converse in Hokkein, Cantonese, Hakka, Teow Chew (and other chinese dialects), Malay and English. We can even take the initiative to learn other languages as well which can be gotten from the goggle website. I am trying to pick up mandarin in my free time. My target is understanding the language better and able to communicate well.
So, carry on whatever you are doing you will be able to achieve whatever you desire with God's leading and His grace.
love you always