Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This conversation took place a few weeks ago while i was in the library.

Scene: Me arranging the newspapers while aunty was next to me.

Me: Wah, auntie, mcdonald oo promotion. Gor kor puat. Ani pi o.
       Wah, auntie, macdonald got promotion. $5.50 only, very cheap

Aunty: simi lai mcdonald? wa be hiao! 
            What is mcdonald? i don't know

Me: *@.@!* Huh? Auntie lu bo chiak mcdonald a? 楼下。 在 Subway  那边!
        Auntie, you never eat mcdonald before? downstairs, next to subway.

Aunty: 这个东西我没有吃过!很贵啊! 
           I don't eat this kind of things. It's very expensive

Me: Aiyor, Wa chia lu la. ho chiak leh! 
       Aiyor, I treat you a meal. It's nice!

Aunty: 不要啦。 我喜欢吃菜饭
            No thank you. I like my mix vegetable rice. 

Me: Ohh. *stuns!

Never met someone who has not eaten mcdonalds!! Legendary!!

Ps: correct my grammar if it's wrong. thanks ;)


ehh said...

let me guess... agh? hahahah...

ChongX said...

haha! yess!! xD i tot nobody reads my blog anymore

ehh said...

ahhhh.... but u'll be surprised that aunty eat subway!!! o_O

ChongX said...

hehe! yeap i know. she asked me if i wanted subway when they had a promotion the last time!