Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday is Call Home Day

Sunday is call home day for me, for at least I try to call back and let my parents know how much I miss them I'm doing well! (:

Today I had the coolest reason to buy a new netbook/tablet.

Dad: Oh yea son, remember the last time you told me you wanted to buy a netbook/tablet? I think you should buy a new one because the voltage in Finland might be different from Singapore and Malaysia. It's 230volts here and 110volts there.

Me: *O.O still shocked* Eerrrrr, Okay I'll remember about the voltage when I buy it! =D

Now what,
Ipad vs Galaxy Tab vs Netbook?


cty said...

Is Finland on 230V or 115v?? Find that out b4 u act and configure all ur electrical appliances to be compliant as required.
Love, Dad

cty said...

U can also buy a step up transformer. Easier than replacing all ur appliances. make sure adapters are also compatible.

cty said...

Nikki, I found out that Finland uses 230V , 50Hz. same as in SG and MY. So no problem in your appliances.

ChongX said...

Thanks dad, you're the best (;