Thursday, November 18, 2010

Europe Trip

:( it's not cheap to go for an exchange programme. This month itself I had to fork out almost 1.5k sgd for visa, accommodation and insurance. Next few weeks will be more as I will need to stock up on winter clothing etc.

It's definitely tempting to snap up cheap deals at the moment but it got me thinking again if I was there just to travel.

As for now these are the few things I want to accomplish while I'm over there

1) Visit Old Trafford
2) Kick a ball in Old Trafford
3) Roll on Old Trafford grass
4) Steal a patch of grass from Old Trafford and plant it in my house

I'll die a happy man if I visit Old Trafford xD

And oh, I want to go to the north pole too! anyone want to tag along?

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