Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MSN and Email Hacked!

My Msn and email account got hacked and that explains my absence in the virtual realm. Important emails please send to ch0024an@e.ntu.edu.sg or just call me.

A game of Saboteur.

Just when you thought things were perfect, there will always be a thorn to spoil that wonderful moment. Some people just need a slap when you ask them to do some simple work.

Mum & Dad, I'm still alive xD


Anonymous said...

hi nik,

Of course we know you're around, just that you're busy, busy with your work!!

I have noticed unknown names or unusual names giving funny remarks on your blogs & i have commented it to your dad. Now you said your email & MNS account has been hacked, better be watchful of what your write man....you know, many people read your blogs,so you know what to do then....

Do take care n love you always

ChongX said...

Those comments on the chatbox are called spam mum.Don't click on them as they may link you to weird sites.

Yup, busy with work work work. talk to you soon! BYE