Sunday, September 5, 2010

Legendary Squatter

I have a legendary squatter. He is really legendary, you should meet him yourself (: For those who don't know what a squatter is, they are basically roomless international students who by a stroke of bad luck failed to obtain a room. Hence they resort to squatting in their friends room until they get a room for themselves.

Ask me why every soul wants a room in NTU and I would say because we live on an isolated island in Singapore. For myself, I'm lucky to get a room and this time my legendary friend squatted with me.

That's the helpful legendary crew to shift his things. A record of 10 people were needed to shift his luggage around XD The rest didn't want to be associated as Sai Kang warriors.

Finally my own sweet room (:

1 comment:

Legend said...

Thanks for "housing" me for the past 1 week.