Thursday, September 19, 2013

Switch Box Incident

It was a tough week for me and yesterday's incident almost made it worst. Feeling so tired from work plus I was down with flu, I went to bed relatively early, wishing that I could just end the day but guess what, half way through my deep slumber, I felt that my room started to get stuffy and I woke up.

I found out that it was midnight and the electricity was totally cut off. I sprung out of my bed and did a quick check on my room lights, noticing that my air con was not working despite me fiddling with the switch. Feeling frustrated, I walk towards the kitchen to do a quick check on my neighbours if they had experience the same fate as I did.

I was too sleepy to think and went back to bed, leaving my windows opened and praying that there would be some sort of breeze throughout the night. Thoughts of not having a good sleep started to flood my mind, thinking that it will affect my whole day tomorrow.

But then again, I thought that this is Singapore and it is impossible to suffer a blackout. Maybe back home, I would have already lit some candles and sleep topless. Yes we do experience common blackout. I tried sleeping but it didn't work out and suddenly I thought about the switch box.

Quickly I walked towards the main circuit board and inspected the switches. Well it did look fine, but I was no electrician and I kept thinking that what if I turned it the other way round my whole place would catch fire, etc etc. I tried looking for the 'ON' and 'OFF' label but did not see any.

Giving up or more like resorting to suck it up and just sleep mentality, I headed back to my room and tried to sleep but somehow I had thoughts of just trying my luck and switch up the switch box and I'm glad I did. Mustering all my faith, more like desperation, I said to myself, YOLO and I dashed out back to the switch box again.

Trust me, I was closing my eyes and my heart was beating really fast when my fingers switch up the main switch and guess what? There was light and I had decent sleep :)

Ah, wordy post,

Maybe at times we just need to follow our instinct and switch up our lives! 

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