Friday, March 1, 2013

March-ing On

Time really flies and we are already in the third month of 2013. Just wanted to list down some things that I am grateful for so far in my life.

According to my dad, I'm the chief complainer at home and I must say it is some what true. haha.

1) I've been complaining about how my work place is far and it take me a while to get to school, which means i have to sacrifice my precious sleep.
What I forgot was, throughout the week, not once I had to stand up on the bus. I always had a seat and even some luxury to sleep on the bus :D Apparently the route I take daily is less travelled by students from my school and I can get some extra sleep without bothering to be caught off guard by them.

Also, I have the toilet in the morning all to myself, nobody to rush with me! :D

2) The food courts are far from my place
What I forgot was that I have the luxury to cycle everyday to grab dinner. I could kill two birds in one stone by exercising as well :) 

Thankful for days that I can stare and listen to the sound of the waves, wishing for more days like this.

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