Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My new job - Hall Farmer

Nobody seems to be excited when i told them I started a new farm at my place. Even e seems to ignore my request when i ask her to visit my farm even though it is just behind my room :( I was even stared like a burglar when I was arranging my plants behind my room by 4 girls. Oh well, a farmer got to do what a farmer got to do. Keep planting!! :D 

Let me share with you some pictures. 

Tadaa!! my little farm :D 

 Chilli plant in pokeball

Papaya plant

Truth is I didn't really plant them, someone else did. All i've got to do now is to keep them alive. I'll probably add more chilli plants on my own if they are a success. Going to add some of my super organic worm castings too to get huge fruits from them. yum yum. 

Training myself to be a future farmer and feed the world. On second thoughts, maybe feed myself first :)