Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I find myself doing things a little different recently. Things such as walking to school instead of waiting for the bus, or even walking to a further canteen just to get extra vegetables on my dinner plate.

Things seem to be at a slower pace when you view things in a very simple manner. Maybe I need to retract that statement a few weeks later because it's just the start of a new semester. Maybe I'll even consider organizing a salad party or a fruit fiesta to keep this 'healthy' habit. I can even turn the fruit skins and vegetable waste to black gold.

I just finished talking to my mum on msn/skype and I shall share what we talked about.

Mum: Nik, you know what day is tomorrow or not?
Me: Wednesday? 
Mum: No, It's Koko's birthday
Me: Oh yea
Mum: Remember to wish him you know. I'm waiting for 12 o clock to call him.
Me: Ok!
Mum: After that it will be yours. Don't worry I'll call you as well.
Me: O.O Err. Ok thanks!

Haha! I love to document my simple conversations with my mum! :D


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cty said...

" Happy Birthday " in advance... just in case I could not get you on Skype on 0001 hrs , 14 August 2011.
Love, Dad