Thursday, August 19, 2010


"You're so old now!"

That's the most common phrase I have ever heard in the past week! T.T Don't need to remind me that i'm old!

Does that look old to you?

And oh btw, I've registered as a voter! Have you?


Anonymous said...

Dont we all look great? Dad with his "pear mor wisdom" hair style, you with your dimple cheerful smile (no more that baby chubby look)and me; aging gracefully ... Well, we all have to grow old and be matured, with wisdom from the Almighty. We are always thankful for God for being able to be partner with Him in running this family and with friends that comes in contact with us too.
Happy belated 21st Birthday to you; we had an awesome day with you and koko at boat quay. Love you all always and take care.

ChongX said...

thanks mamaaaa! love you too (: