Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer Time

Exams are over and that also means that i'm done with year 2. Guess time really flies when you are hard at work (:

No more exams means more of something else. I've got so many things I want to achieve during this summer and I'm already listing them down. Wohooo! Exciting!But first of all, maybe I should make a short trip back home. Mum keeps on bugging me to go home and spend some time with them.Maybe I would if they bought me a car here to drive back on weekends :p

Ah! But for now, time to repay all the sleep debt and get my goals right again! New year, new goals, fresher girls. Awesome. I can't wait but first I need to overcome this little hurdle,

Got to figure out how I'm going to sleep with all these pillows on my bed without them falling off

Life's a bliss!*I sound old saying that*


Legend said...

Can't wait for my exams to over !!!

ChongX said...

it will very soon!! (:

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