Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Betong Trip

Family trip! This time we went to Betong, Thailand=) Initially we were worried about our safety considering the recent bombings and closure of the thai airport but it was way safer than expected! If you are wondering where is Betong, it's at the border of Thailand which is really close to Pengkalan Hulu,Perak.

Nah, we didn't take aeroplane, instead we drove there.The trip wasn't that boring because we made a few stops at Tapah and Lenggong to feast!

Betong's a small town! Old and unkept infrastructure shows the simplicity of our holiday this time.

Everyone moves around town in their motorbike.

And of course, Thailand is famous for their massage poulours and night life! You can see old uncles with really young looking girls! I wonder why! Even the hotels sold condoms in their respective rooms O.O

The water there tasted wierd, so we hired our own little water boy (:

But one thing caught my attention, I love their cute and unsafe half shell helmets:)

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teddY said...

Hey chong! Welcome back haha! I thought you'll be there for a longer time so your message today surprised me :D teehee.

I've never heard of Betong before until I heard it from you. So with the help of Wikipedia, Betong is located very near to the border! I wonder how the Thailand custom officers look like. I hope they don't doze off like the ones in Malaysia haha!

Nice photos... and the photo of your brother being the water boy and you wearing that helmet got my laughing XD haha!

Thailand is quite open about sex I guess. Last time when I went to Bangkok they have condom machines everywhere - in the hotel toilets, public toilets, outside shops and even in a shopping mall @.@ haha! I guess that's the part of Thailand where old uncles will love to bits.